When the grid has a break

A fleet of units for rent

"Actually, we only need the unit for one, two days," we are sometimes told during our first conversation after we have received an enquiry. We are prepared for this situation, and in such cases we offer power generators or light systems for rent. They enable to continue the operation of machines, systems and production processes during periods of temporary disconnection from the power supply. The organisers of open air events know that, too, and use this possibility. So there is absolutely nothing that stands in the way of an event on any green field – at least from our side. We will organise the transportation of the units and instruction of the operating staff. That makes it easy, efficient and convenient for you.

  • Large selection of units from 10 to 800 kVA
  • Increased output potential through coupling of several units
  • Individual renting concepts
  • Floodlight systems and load resistances
  • High availability
  • Peak load, parallel operation, emergency power and single operation
  • Individual support on site, if required
  • Refuelling, monitoring, operation
  • In addition, a large selection of power cables, multi-socket distribution units and much more