Roller container

The POLYMA roller container offers the same multi-functional possibilities of use as the "mobile power generator", albeit based on an alternative mobile concept. For use as a large emergency power and floodlight unit and as a comprehensive unit container it can optimally be integrated into swap body truck concepts, e.g. those used by district authorities or fire brigades.


Swap body truck concept


POLYMA offers individual modular designs, e.g.:

  • Modular design with separate power unit, extra storage space and separate floodlight system, or
  • as a complete container with integrated storage space and integrated floodlight system.
  • Further customer-specific designs can be provided as well.



The POLYMA roller containers consist of a very solid steel structure with an extra reinforced frame and a removable roof.

  • Electronic machine control
  • Extra reinforced frame
  • Automatic unit control
  • Switchgear with individual equipment: e.g., two-tier design
  • Insulation monitoring and automatic emergency power control