Compact model 40kVA

Basic model

Our basic model of the "mobile electricity generator" offers an optimum solution for the basic requirements of the fire brigade for electricity supply and floodlight.

The basis: the mobile compact electricity generator

  • In-house production of the extremely robust chassis slated for the special stresses by the compact electricity generator
  • Electronically controlled machine ▪ Switch cabinet produced in-house
  • Automatic control
  • Outgoing section with separately fused sockets
  • Switchable, single-stage insulation monitor
  • Single operation within the IT network
  • Grid-feed mode in the TN network


Additional modules

  • Floodlight system with 6-or-9m mast and light cross
  • Electrically adjustable light cross with remote control
  • Flexible towing device (height-adjustable draw-bar, DIN-eye and ball head, vehicle lights with 12 and/or 24 V)
  • 2 storage boxes: at each side along the total length of the unit (total load: 100 kg)