POLYMA units for energy suppliers and public utility companies

Maintenance of the infrastructure always includes full maintenance of the transformers. In order to prevent power failures for the end customer, mobile power generators with complex controls for shut-off and transformer maintenance are used – in particular for transformers which cannot be switched via ring connections.

In this connection, our units with their innovative 50Hz Plus operation are also suited for stations where regeneration from PV systems is high. Their operation is nearly self-explanatory and is, e.g., facilitated even more through automated station disconnection. Various safety monitoring systems protect man and machine.

In addition, these units offer the possibility of creating “clusters”. Therefore, several units can easily be synchronised for selected high load requirements and, as a result, be interconnected.

These multi-purpose units ensure emergency power supply, e.g., for the company or the control room, even while they are "parked" in the garage – fully automatically, of course.