It started with the light giraffe …

The POLYMA brand has stood for tailor-made electricity generators and floodlight systems since 1948. Research and development were given top priority right from the start. To this very day, we have pursued this philosophy for the benefit of our clients. Back then, the young company caused a sensation all over the world with the invention of the "light giraffe" floodlight system. Now it`s innovative solutions based on the latest technological findings which are in demand and highly appreciated by our clients.

2011A mobile generator with EBS, the further development of our GPUs,  a 50 dB(A) power unit and the introduction of our 50HZ plus operation
2010Floodlight systems using LED technology and automatic station activation (ASF)
2008 A new building and our relocation to the Waldau/Kassel industrial estate in Germany. 
2005 Taken over by the Freiherren Waitz Group and renamed  POLYMA Energiesysteme GmbH
1998Active load balancers/power management systems that intelli-gently interconnect several power units
1996 Mobile generators with an aluminium chassis and a hydraulic  self-drive generator
1994 Generators with soot particle filters
1990 Generators with catalytic converters and mobile generators with an ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
1986 Change of name from POLYMA Maschinenbau to  POLYMA Energietechnik GmbH
1983 Construction of CHPs
1982 Generators in noise-protected 10’, 20’, 30’ and 40’ special containers
1980Self-drive units with integrated floodlights for fire services and civil defence operations
1978 54 dB(A) super-noise-protected generators
1967 GPUs (Ground Power Units) to supply aircraft with electricity
1966 The POLYMA “light giraffe" for fire services and police/military and civil defence operations
1962 Electronically controlled and noise-protected generators for radio and television broadcasts
1961 Special generators for developing countries
1960 The opening of new offices in various countries all over the world
1956 Generators for hospitals (for example in the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and South America)
1955Generators for the Middle East
1953Renamed POLYMA Aggregatebau GmbH.  Production of generators in Kassel, Germany
1948The establishment of the company Kasseler Truck GmbH Business area: the maintenance and repair of machinery and vehicles