At the beginning, we simply listen to what you tell us ...

Energy systems from POLYMA do their job reliably far away from all electricity grids. Be it as an independent electricity supplier to clients in the event of transformer separations from municipal suppliers and energy suppliers or for the supply of electricity and light at building sites and in civil protection – the range of applications is extremely manifold.

This is why we simply listen at the beginning so as to learn which tasks you as our clients need to perform, about your ideas, your wishes and the individual conditions. This information, combined with the know-how and experience of our specialists, results in long-lasting solutions that have been proven all around the world. A large number of our units have been operating for more than 30 years already.

The magic word is individualisation

At first glance it seems that one and the same solution is always the right one for a specific job. But, the talks we have with our clients on site, the analysis of the technical circumstances and the local conditions often reveal new insights. This then calls for the development of a solution which satisfies this client`s requirements individually. In the end, it makes a crucial difference whether a mobile electricity generator or a floodlight system shall be used somewhere in the countryside, in the mountains or in the narrow winding alleys of an old town.

Customer oriented and at optimal cost - POLYMA solutions in 7 steps

  1. Listening to the client and understanding his situation
  2. Analysis and preparation of suggestions for optimal solutions
  3. Project presentation and release
  4. Preparation of drawings and documentations
  5. Production with continuous quality control (to ISO 9001)
  6.  Acceptance by our clients
  7. Individual maintenance of your electricity generator by our POLYMA service team